thrice great hermes #76

thrice great hermes


by stanley lieber

sl called, asking for anything related to computers. old manuals, disks, peripherals, component level parts, warranty cards, trade magazines, catalogues, notes, instructions, schematics, or program listings—he wanted them all. étienne asked if he had any comics to trade.

it turned out he did. amazing spider-man #298-299; cerebus #77; twenty copies of x-force #1 (several versions inclusive); ten copies of spider-man #1 (several versions inclusive); the uncanny x-men and the new teen titans; cosmic odyssey #1; wolverine limited series #1-4; marvel uk black and white reprint magazine featuring george pérez avengers stories; conan the barbarian (misc.); alpha flight #10; daredevil #168; random 1990s issues of the amazing spider-man and batman; ann nocenti daredevil (incomplete run); daredevil: the man without fear #1-5; video jack #4; silver surfer v3 #1-3; justice league america #34; thor #337; x-factor #25-27; groo (misc.); wizard magazine (misc.); the death of superman tpb; dark horse presents #34-36; roachmill #1; uncanny x-men #141-143, 180; and a complete set of tsr marvel super-heroes role playing game pewter figurines. étienne said he would take them all.

in return he surrendered a tandy color computer (coco) 2, its manual, a collection of recently pirated software, and a joystick.

it was an okay trade. some of the comics étienne already had, and a lot of them were garbage, but there were also quite a few key issues he could flip on the secondary (tertiary?) market to buy yet more comics. they shook hands and étienne loaded the new books into his truck.

the computer had already been old when dad had handed it down to him, maybe twenty years ago, when he was around ten years old. crucially, the dual floppy disk drive hadn’t been a part of étienne’s deal with sl. he assumed sl would be back for it once he realized his mistake.

what other comics did he have to trade?