thrice great hermes #7

thrice great hermes


by stanley lieber

vidya ate his snack as he started on the long walk back to his house.

mom would not be home yet. he’d have time to drag out his game system, play through a few levels, then stow it back in her closet before she got home. she’d never know he’d sidestepped his punishment.

by the time he made it home he just didn’t care. he sat down on his bed and sensed all the feeling in his body draining through the top of his head, his sense of himself blinking in and out like the tiny flap atop a semi’s smokestack. there was no point in playing, now. in a few hours it would be time for bed. a few hours after that it would be time to wake up again.

vidya purposely dropped one of the game system’s controllers on the floor of his mother’s closet before shutting up the accordion doors and returning to his room for the night.

where he promptly fell asleep.