thrice great hermes #101

thrice great hermes


by stanley lieber

had himself under control, and he had the balanced personality of an aware individual. He was aware of his own strengths and weaknesses, and he knew how to harmonize them with the personality of his adversary in order to accomplish the desired results. He knew the most opportune moments to act and when to lie low.

Been looking for a boot like this for a long time. I wear them with short and pants and they look rugged and masculine. So many combat boots out there don’t get it right with the design and feel. Classic combat boots have become more common on ladies than guys for casual wear, so not all work/combat boots work on guys like they used to.

Modeling and design of software at the architectural level. Architectural styles. Basics of model-driven architecture. Object-oriented design and analysis. Iterative development and unified process. Design patterns. Design by contract. Component based design. Product families. Measurement theory and appropriate use of metrics in design. Designing for qualities such as performance, safety, security, reliability, reusability, etc. Analysis and evaluation of software architectures. Introduction to architecture definition languages. Basics of software evolution, reengineering, and reverse engineering. Case studies. Introduction to distributed system software.

This review is intended to help the reader decipher what looks like an overly complicated book. Read this review while looking at the book’s table of contents.

Keep up your practices and your diary as you see fit.

Paintbrushes are being snatched out of children’s hands